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Live from My PLACE in Barcelona

But Chris,
hoW does it work?

don't worry, it's easy

Classes are designed to run between 1 - 2 hours depending on the theme. They are meant to be less expensive than some of those cooking schools around town. 25-35 bucks a pop. Do it in your own space with your own equipment. Wear pajamas, flip-flops, it's all good.

Go to the classes section and find something you fancy. There are lots of cool things to try out, dishes you might not know. Everything is intended for basic skill level. If you are more advanced, we can use kitchen jargon. Ingredients are available in your area. Don't be shy, I'll show you how.

2.Pick a TIME

Find a time slot like you would schedule a perm. You can see if there are any upcoming classes posted for the dish you want or if you have a hole in your schedule, EMAIL ME, and we can pencil you in.

Between 7am and 2pm West Coast, 10am and 5pm Eastern.

3.sign up

Book it and pay electronically. I'll send over a little syllabus with required ingredients and equipment. Go shopping ahead and meet me online with your mise en place ready. Book it with a friend and do it together.

uh, I don't know what da heck "Mise en place" means
click here, i'll show you, okay?
  • Break down of one of the most ubiquitous tapas in the entire country

    20 US dollars
  • Workshop teaching one of the most fundamental Spanish tapas.

    20 US dollars
  • Typical bar tapa that, when done well, can be quite delicious.

    25 US dollars
  • Dressing process and assembly of this regional Mediterranean salad.

    25 US dollars
  • Hearty Catalan mountain dish of vegetables and pork

    25 US dollars
  • Fulfilling Catalan dish of mushrooms and veal in rich sauce.

    25 US dollars
  • Rustic baked rice dish from the Valencian community

    20 US dollars
  • Simple mariner's dish featuring pasta cooked in fumet and seafood.

    25 US dollars
  • Ingredients and process for proper paella from the Valencian Community

    25 US dollars
  • Preparation of regional fisherman's dish from the Valencian region.

    25 US dollars


There are a lot of values and ethics involved in the way information is transmitted. The goal is to make instruction and sharing of food knowledge accessible and honest. Food is something that gives us identity and historical context and it should always be available to all that are interested regardless of economics or place of origin. There is lots of crossover from place to place and also lots to learn about from other cultures by getting to know their food and geography. 


It is important to create communities where we reside and support those involved with creating and maintaining traditions, old and new. I try to be honest about my own knowledge and know that I can always learn more. We should get to know the people who are selling us our food, get to know the food itself, be an active physical part of the process and not favor modern convenience and technology over quality and personal interaction.



I think it is important to never make food exclusively for certain classes or people of economic privilege. Food of of every style from rustic to haute cuisine should be enjoyed by everyone and not used as a tool for exclusion or condescension.  Sharing of techniques and knowledge should be freely available to those who are interested. 


I would like to highlight people and places who I think are special in the regions of the world I have been fortunate to live in or travel to. The shared ethics of trying to minimize waste, supporting family businesses with history, connecting with and through food can reverse some of what we have lost in the recent past and preserve a better future.

We should be conscientious travelers, who are interested in learning what makes every place unique and irreplaceable.



From La Barceloneta

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My name is Chris. I started my life in kitchens at 15 as a dishwasher at a Japanese restaurant in my hometown in Maryland. I have always loved food and never stop thinking about my next meal. I learned in modest places on the East Coast, ate burritos in San Francisco for a few years, and then increased my skills in a myriad of contexts in Seattle, now I live in Spain. I have spent time behind the stoves of brew pubs, high-end hotels, roof bars, Basque pintxo bars, French bistros, Italian osterias, pizza joints and even your local farmer's market stall.


Currently, I am learning about the regional foods of Valencia, Catalunya, the Mediterranean and beyond. Let me teach you what I know from professional experience and we can learn together more about the corner of the globe that I call home now.


The world is full of wine, beer, cheese, and friends. Let's get to know it better and enjoy what's in season.  

Photo by Manuel Peris


What is
family meal?

why the name?

I have been a line cook since I was 15. While working Seattle, there was a bar down the street from my restaurant called "Cure". I started walking over after shifts with co-workers and it quickly became one of my all-time favorite places. The owners were industry people and really just laid back and unpretentious. It was a place to get hooked up (maybe even hook up who knows), bitch about work, talk about food, and decompress.


It was sort of grandma's house for everyone. On Tuesdays they would do a cheap coursed out service called "Family Meal" and different cooks would come up with a little menu and we would all hang out. I want to teach cooking like I am hanging out with cooks, servers, friends, whoever. Comfortable, maybe with a nice Belgian beer or French wine, snacking, talking smack. We are all the same.

In restaurants, family meal is the little bit of calm before the storm. Cooks take turns feeding staff. In most places it takes place every service. It is a chance for cooks to express their creativity, use up excess product, and to be chefs for a moment. We learn about each others' tastes, the cuisines that interest us, little cooking tricks, and it is a time to share and deepen the relationships with our friends and co-workers and have a little self expresison.


It is a way to have family time at work where it might be absent in the rest of the day. It is support for a team and a way to motivate before what can often be a grueling and exhausting trade. If you work in service it is understood and is often one of the best parts of the job.

What r you teachin'?

Welp, I find myself in Barcelona as of late and Valencia for a bit before that. While tanning on the sketchy beach near my apartment, I thought of offering instruction on how to make some of the dishes I have learned while living out here.


Reconnecting with some friends, cooks, and sharing some of the rich food culture and history in which I have been immersing myself. Tapas, Catalan dishes, Paella, stuff you might not know about. Let's use post pandemic video conference technology and cook together.