online cooking Class
ONLINE Cooking Class via zoom


Live from My PLACE in Barcelona

But Chris,
hoW does it work?

don't worry, it's easy

Classes are designed to run between 1 - 2 hours depending on the theme. They are meant to be less expensive than some of those cooking schools around town. 25-35 bucks a pop. Do it in your own space with your own equipment. Wear pajamas, flip-flops, it's all good.

Go to the classes section and find something you fancy. There are lots of cool things to try out, dishes you might not know. Everything is intended for basic skill level. If you are more advanced, we can use kitchen jargon. Ingredients are available in your area. Don't be shy, I'll show you how.

2.Pick a TIME

Find a time slot like you would schedule a perm. You can see if there are any upcoming classes posted for the dish you want or if you have a hole in your schedule, EMAIL ME, and we can pencil you in.

Between 7am and 2pm West Coast, 10am and 5pm Eastern.

3.sign up

Book it and pay electronically. I'll send over a little syllabus with required ingredients and equipment. Go shopping ahead and meet me online with your mise en place ready. Book it with a friend and do it together.

uh, I don't know what da heck "Mise en place" means
click here, i'll show you, okay?