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Arroz a Banda

Preparation of regional fisherman's dish from the Valencian region.


Introduction to Spanish rice by highlighting a regional dish from Alicante, which is one of the 3 areas within the Valencian Community (along with Castellón and Valencia). A simple fish stock (fumet) will be prepared and then the salmorreta (chili paste) will be made to fry up and serve as a flavor base for this simple mariner's dish. Traditionally it is served with allioli on the side which is quite typical in the Catalan speaking region and the Balearic Islands. This dish was born from fisherman in the region reserving their best product for market, leaving them with fish and shellfish that were either too small, or undesirable in a market setting. Thus, this is a simple dish based on the stock produced from this undesirable product called "morralla" in Spanish, which translates to trash. Nowadays, morralla can be found at the fishmonger for the purpose of creating stocks and fumets that are utilized in a variety of traditional dishes. Standard fumet with fish scraps can be used or quality prepared stock can be used. We will talk about the differences of rice and why only one type is used in Spanish cuisine. From here we can use these fundamentals to elaborate a greater repertoire of rice dishes including the often misunderstood Paella Valenciana, Arroz Senyoret, Arroz Negro, Meloso, and even Fideuá de Gandia; actually made with short spaghetti-like strands of pasta.

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