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Patatas Bravas

Workshop teaching one of the most fundamental Spanish tapas.


Patatas bravas are typical on many bar and tapas menus all across Spain. This humble and inexpensive plate requires basic techniques, but if done well can be very satisfying. Versions can be found with tomato, ketchup, mayo, and pimentón sprinkled on top, or they can be classed up to the point where the traditional format is abandoned. We will choose good quality potatoes and onions, use a simple chicken stock (or vegetable stock to make vegan bravas) to form the base of the sauce, and blend some DO Pimentón de la Vera to taste, to give it the signature smokiness and picante. In Catalunya, it is also common to serve them with the classic allioli (garlic and oil in Catalan) which pairs quite well with the fiery sauce and gives the dish a garlicky kick. We encourage the support of your local farmers and independent businesses when sourcing.

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